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DAO project
DAO - Decentralized
Autonomous Organization
DAO is a fully automated business structure, which is managed not only by the headquarters of top managers but also by the participants.


Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have become the golden standard for projects aiming to create self-sustaining applications and services in the blockchain industry.

We support the idea of decentralization. Therefore, we created DAO, in which every single participant can influence the project's development

Every owner of an NFT generator can propose his views and recommendations on the project's further development and participate in voting.

Bitcoin Mining
Our goal is to organize
mining farms using the proceeds.

With the proceeds from the sale of NFT generators, Avrora will buy bitcoin (BTC) mining equipment.

All owners who upgraded their NFT generator up to level 15 will be able to receive not only AVR, but also bitcoins (BTC).

Bitcoins will be distributed according to a certain algorithm among the owners of NFT generators upgraded to level 15.

The work of the mining farms will be broadcasted on the official Avrora website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online.
Profit from the mining farms, after deducting the costs of rent, taxes, electricity, etc., will be distributed as follows:
40% to the owners, proportionally to the price of their level 15 NFT generators;
40% to Avrora; 20% - will be reserved for the purchase of mining equipment, etc.
To reach the 15th level, it takes about 4 months per NFT generator:

an additional part of level 1 is installed within 1 day;
an additional part of level 2 is installed in 2 days;
an additional part of level 15 is installed in 15 days.

The total number of bitcoins that can be mined is 21 million. 18.6 million BTC, almost 90%, have been already mined. There is just over 10% or about 2.2 million BTC left to mine. At the current mining rate, the last BTC will be mined in about 120 years!

As the years go by, the price of BTC, considering the periods of falling in the bear market and the periods of its growth in the bull market, will only grow. Even though bitcoin mining becomes more and more difficult with time, due to its price growth, mining remains a promising and stable direction to maintain the project.

Profit allocation

Bitcoins, received from mining, are credited to users daily, their amount can be seen at any time in the account. At the same time, payments are made once a month.

  • The amount of profit received from mining is divided by the total number of efficiency units of all owners of NFT generators.
  • 1 unit of efficiency (UE) = 100 AVR. An efficiency unit can only be a whole number, decimals are cut off.
  • For example, if the sum of all Level 15 NFT generators is 1,000,000 AVR, this equals 10,000 units of efficiency (UE).
  • Dividing the amount of mining profit by the number of efficiency units in the reporting period, we get the efficiency coefficient (EC).
  • Multiplying the number of efficiency units (UE) by the efficiency coefficient (EC) we obtain the amount of profit from mining
Tokenomics of NFT generators
Launch and final supply of NFT generators
NFT generator
Initial emission
Final supply
NFT-Turbogenerator Standart 20SV
100 AVR
Launch supply
10 000
Final supply
33 500
NFT-Turbogenerator Uncommon GS1000-2R
500 AVR
Launch supply
2 000
Final supply
10 000
NFT-Turbogenerator Rare G-180-M
1 000 AVR
Launch supply
1 000
Final supply
5 000
NFT-Turbogenerator Epic R-Turbo-Z
5 000 AVR
Launch supply
Final supply
1 000
NFT-Turbogenerator Legendary R-Turbo-10
10 000 AVR
Launch supply
Final supply
Initial emission: 13,300 NFT generators.
Final supply: 50,000 NFT generators.
NFT generators are created on the Binance
Smart Chain (BSC) BEP-721 network.
Once 20,000 NFT generators are sold, their performance will be reduced by 5%.
Once 30,000 NFT generators are sold, their performance will decrease by another 5%.
Once 40,000 NFT generators are sold, their performance will be reduced by another 5%.
When 50,000 NFT generators are sold, their performance will be reduced by another 5%. This will be the last capacity reduction.

Once the Avrora metaverse is launched, these 50,000 NFT generators will generate MetaAVR tokens.

To generate MetaAVR tokens, the user will need to have a purchased or leased land plot in the Avrora metaverse. If you don't want to buy or rent land in the Avrora metaverse, you can sell or rent out your NFT generator.

If you have upgraded your NFT generator to the 15th level, regardless of whether you have a plot of land, you can participate in the distribution of mining profits and receive bitcoins (BTC).

AVR Tokenomics
AVR token is developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) BEP-20 network. Supply is limited to 50,000,000 AVR tokens.

At the initial stage, the price of 1 AVR = $1. After the AVR token is listed on exchanges, its price may move either way.

After all AVR tokens are mined, we will introduce additional mechanics into the game: • Launch of the Avrora metaverse, where you could mine MetaAVR, MetaGAS, MetaOIL tokens; • Mined bitcoins (BTC) allocation.

Q1, 2022:
  • App Development
  • Website Creation
  • Project Tokenomics Development
Q2, 2022:
  • Creation of limited NFT generators
  • Implementation of the upgrading of NFT generators
  • Implementation of AVR token burning process for every
    purchase of additional parts by users (to avoid hyperinflation).
Q3, 2022:
  • Airdrop
  • Mobile App Release
  • Official launch of the project
  • International promo events
  • Incremental organization of mining farms and the introduction
    of online streaming from the farms
Q4, 2022:
  • Creation of a p2p marketplace
  • Development of own marketplace
  • Implementation of mechanics for engines listing on the marketplace
  • Creation of an exclusive collection of engines
  • Listing AVR token on DEX exchanges
  • Creation of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)
Q1, 2023:
  • Adding the generator maintenance deflationary model to the application
  • Launching the web version of the application at avrora-token.com.
  • Updating the design of the mobile app.
  • Development of the mining-heating equipment.
  • Launch of the NFT-generator "Avrora Partner" worth 110 000 AVR. [The buyer of such a generator becomes a partner of the company. More on this later].
  • Actively entering the Turkish market.
  • A gathering of Avrora project leaders in Turkey.
  • Organization of large international forums.
Q2, 2023:
  • Active entry into the Asian market.
  • Holding of large international forums.
Q3, 2023:
  • To celebrate the anniversary of the project's launch, holding a mass event and Airdrop to current and new participants.
  • Release of the MetaAVR token token.
  • Opening of land sales in the meta-universe.
  • Launch of the meta-universe.
  • Expansion of the mining farms.
Q4, 2023:
  • Release of a collectible limited edition NFT generators.
  • Opening another location for bitcoin mining.
Q1, 2024:
  • Release of an updated Android and iOS app
  • Realization of crypto-micro-loans
  • Collaboration with Tangem - Avrora cold wallet
  • Development of Avrora cryptomates
  • Reorganization of the deposit referral system
  • Expansion of product line
  • Collaboration with Metaview
Q2, 2024:
  • Collaboration with virtual casino
  • Holding a large-scale leadership rally
  • Launch of chess for AVR
Q3, 2024:
  • Development of a proprietary exchange inside the Telegram app
  • Expansion of a mining farm
Q4, 2024:
  • Development of own cryptocurrency
  • Creation of the "Crypto Valley" project